People’s Action for Inclusive Development

People’s Action for Inclusive Development (PAfID) is a non-government organization working on disability and development. We are aiming for an inclusive society where no one is left behind. Our work focusses on inclusive development in Cambodia and internationally.


The vision of PAfID is to contribute towards an inclusive society where opportunities to participate in the cultural, social and economic environment are open for all.


PAfID’s mission is to contribute to a world in which all persons in society live with dignity and respect.


Our expertise is in disability inclusion and inclusive development. We work towards strengthening and supporting capacity of relevant actors for example Organizations of People with Disabilities (OPDs) & Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Government, private sector and communities at grassroot and national level.

Our Approach

Women leadership

Building Leadership for Women with Disability​

Women with disabilities are marginalized on three accounts: gender, disability, and poverty.

Community-based development

Inclusive Local Governance

Persons with disabilities often lack communication and advocacy skills necessary to address their issues into the government system.​

Inclusive livelihood

Inclusive Employment & Rural Livelihood​

The majority of marginalized and vulnerable people live in rural settings. They experience poverty, are engaged in unstable livelihoods and are increasingly at risk to global shocks such as pandemics and climate disasters.​

Inclusion and mainstreaming

Inclusion & Mainstreaming​

To contribute to the call to ‘Leave No One Behind’, development actors (such as civil society organization, UN agencies, government institutes and private companies) need to make their programs and services more inclusive.​

Local governance

Community-Based Inclusive Development​

The majority of persons with disabilities live in poor and rural areas, facing many barriers including physical, social, economic and attitudinal.​

Why is people’s action for inclusive development important?

People's action

PAfID believes in an inclusive society and the principles that are linked to that. Everyone has the right to a self-determined life. We recognise and support the talents and potentials of all people and we stand up for fundamental rights. Supporting meaningful participation and thus action by the very people closest to the issues is one of our core beliefs and approaches…. “Nothing About Us, Without Us!”

Inclusive Development

PAfID works for an inclusive and just society for all. Exclusion of the marginalised and vulnerable will always occur unless attention is paid to include… We want to support communities where everybody can participate and where the call to “Leave No one Behind”  is central to our actions.

It is time to rise up, come join us in our dance.

Stories from the Field

“…What made me the most excited was that the WWDs as participants mentioned that I was the first woman with severe disability taking lead and provide training to others. This really inspired them to participate and actively support each other to not being shy and shut people out….”

Preap Voleak

“… it is a safe space for us to share the stories that often are hidden and hard to explain to others and thanks to supporters and donors for suppoBibendum….”

Nguon Veasna

“… I am confident to grow my own vegetables and it is contribute to generating the income to support my family especially during the hard time of Covid-19, and I hope to get more good crops and skills improve garden….”.

Soeung Nop
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