Life Story: Mr. Soeung Nop

Meet Mr. Soeung Nop. He is 47 years old living in Prey Chher Teal village, Krang Ampil commune, Samroaung Torng district, Kampong Speu province. He is living at his son’s house, and previously he was dependent on his child. He was obviously unhappy with that as he could not contribute and help his son to support the family.

Since, he engaged in the project and being referred to join the training and capacity building on the organic agriculture, he gains knowledge and skills and more importantly got more support on growing his own vegetables which he felt hesitated about it before as he said:

“… I am confident to grow my own vegetables and it is contribute to generating the income to support my family especially during the hard time of Covid-19, and I hope to get more good crops and skills improve garden….”.

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Throughout our work, we have learnt that actors in the field of development need to go through organizational and systematic processes of change within their programs to move towards sustainable (disability) inclusion. We support these processes at community, organizational and governmental level.

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